Welcome to 2015!

Well, hello! Welcome to 2015! Miranda and I have posed for a very serious and glamour-shot-ish (self) portrait to ring in the New Year. We're very serious about 2015. There are only five more years until we can throw a really great roaring twenties party. But I suppose I should just focus on the year at hand.

Usually I don't like to make New Year's Resolutions. I know for sure I won't keep them, and I'm just not sure I want to start my year with certain failure. This year, though, I've decided to set some goals I know I can achieve. If you fancy any of them, please feel free to borrow them and keep me apprised of your progress.

So far, these are my goals for 2015

1. Submit at least one audition tape through ACX.com
          Through one of my OK Cupid Dates, I discovered the existence of ACX. Essentially, this Amazon company connects narrators with authors so they can get together and make an audiobook! Since I'm so obsessed with Audible.com, I really want to try this. If I actually do get to record a book, of course you'll all be the first to know!

2. Start drinking green tea
          Though I love Chai Lattes dearly, I think this year is the year to switch to something a little healthier. I'm going to try coffee, too,  - or try to like it...I've tried it many a time before - but I'm not sure that's ever going to happen for me.

3. Cancel my eHarmony account.
          Of all my online dating experiments, eHarmony has proven least productive. Unfortunately, I signed up for a deal that I couldn't get out of until January. It was cheap, but I couldn't cancel my membership until this month. You'd better believe I'm hitting that cancel button today.

4. Go back to New York
          I've been gone from New York for over a year now, and I cannot believe I haven't been back to visit. Alex, Henri Bendel, cheap manicures, Duane Read, Schiller's, Cafe Bar, and my taco bodega are all calling my name. I'll wait until it's a little warmer, though.

5. Eat a piece of chocolate
          I'm going to take care of this one immediately.

I hope you have made similarly achievable goals for yourself this year. Please, for the love of all that is good, do not resolve to meet your husband (or wife) this year. It takes two people to make that happen. You'll just end up crying into a pizza. Do you want that? I didn't think so. It's not very good soggy. (But it's still edible...let's be real. It's pizza.)

Happy New Year's Day!

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