Zazzle Now Has Nail Art

You guys. I don't know how I missed this, but now on Zazzle, you can design your own nail art. Yes, yes. It's a little pricey compared to what you might buy in the drugstore, but you can design your own.
fairisle-nail-decals, sweater-nail-decals, heart-nail-decals

Now, I know you know what's coming next. Once I discovered this magnificent fact, I had to make my own designs and put them in the Zazzle Spinster Store. As you can see, so far I've posted a floral design and a little heart fair isle design which I think could be quite nice for Valentine's Day. Next, though, we have the year-round Spinster fashion Nail Art. I had to. it's the kittens.

Now, if you feel that you absolutely need any of this nail art, it's all available in the Zazzle Spinster Store. And of course you can make your own, though, too!

And now I'm going to link the rest of the crazy designs I made last night on Zazzle.

multi stripe nail art Minx® nail art
multi stripe nail art Minx® nail art by spinsterstore
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Well, and I didn't make these last night, but now that I realized I can link through HTML, I'm going to add them here anyway...mostly because my sister commented that she wanted all the notebooks from the Spinster Store post
Ballet Flat Notebook
Ballet Flat Notebook by spinsterstore
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Floral Notebook
Floral Notebook by spinsterstore
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Lipstick Print Notebook
Lipstick Print Notebook by spinsterstore
Design journal covers online at Zazzle

Happy Monday! Enjoy making nail decals with your pets' face on them. You know you want to.

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