Happy Wednesday - and some links

It's Wednesday, and I spent entirely too long making this gif. So, repost it somewhere. Since I took way too long making the gif, I'm just going to share some spinsterly links with you today. Perhaps you'll like them even if you aren't a spinster.

1. This week Saturday Night Live celebrated its 40th anniversary. In case you missed it, you can watch the video here.

2. For something only slightly classier, here's where you can catch up on your Downton Abbey.

3. You might need this necklace from In God We Trust.  It's pretty cute. You might also need these earrings.

4. Or perhaps you need one of these bracelets from Opening Ceremony?

5. And, if you need your daily fix of cuteness with the option to adopt, you can always make a visit to Petfinder. That's where I found my sweet baby Miranda, and I love her so much.

Ok, Happy Wednesday!

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