Lazy Saturday Inspiration - front and back

Miranda and I are still in our pajamas, and we are spinstering in a very serious way this Saturday morning. She is taking the stuffing out of all of her toys, and I am watching Law and Order: SVU

Today I have two images of the same piece of paper. The first one is the front side. I drew on it with sharpie and then I dripped some rubbing alcohol on it to give it a little bit of a watercolor effect. I think it's pretty cool how rubbing alcohol makes sharpie into something much more blurry than what sharpie generally looks like. There are a bunch of cool tutorials about it on Pinterest.

This next image is the back side of the same piece of paper. I think this might look even cooler than the front side. So...there you go. These are my two images of the day. I know they have nothing to do with spinstering, but they do have a lot to do with what I've been doing as a spinster this Saturday morning.

I hope you're enjoying yourself as much as Miranda and I are.

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