Monday Fun: Online Quizzes

On the rare occasion I found myself in possession of an issue of Seventeen Magazine as a young teen, my very favorite part were the quizzes. There was usually only one per issue, so we middle school students had to wait a whole month to take another test to see whether or not he actually like liked us. I'll give you a hint: I'm still a spinster.

Luckily, times have changed. I'm still as single as ever, but now I can take frivolous quizzes to my heart's content online. So, in honor of Monday, I've put together a little list of quizzes you should take  so that you can put off doing anything important in favor of gaining all the answers to nothing you actually need to know.

1. Which Taylor Swift Bonus Track Is The Soundtrack To Your Love Life?
        You knew there was going to be one about Taylor Swift, right?

2. Which Famous Nice Jewish Boy Is Your Soulmate?
          I'll be honest here. I had never heard of my match. I googled him, and I'm still not 100% sure. However, I feel like if I really put my mind to it, I could probably be a formidable Shiksa.

3. What's Your Perfect Nail Polish Color?
          Clearly, I had to have at least one in here from Seventeen. Yes, I know. I'm about 12 years too old to be taking these quizzes. You what? I don't even care.

4. What Song Should You Play On Repeat This weekend?
          Just because the weekend is a whole five days away doesn't mean you can't listen to music.

5. How Should You Procrastinate Today?
          Because it's Monday, and you're already procrastinating by reading this post.

6. Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your One True Love?
          Because all I'm going to be doing today is trying not to eat all the Girl Scout Cookies.

7. Where Will You Find Love?
          Because this is a Spinsterhood blog, and I'm still single. I wanted to know the answers. Unfortunately, this quiz told me I'd be set up. Sigh.

8. Should You Take a Mental Health Day?
          Because it's Monday.

9. What Kind of Pizza Addict Are You?
          You won't be surprised to know that I got "unrepentant pizza maniac"

10. How Spinsterly Are You?
          (Of course I had to make my own)

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