Obsession Confession: My Talking Pet

As you know, I am absolutely in love with my puppy, Miranda. Well, the insanity reached new heights recently, when my friend Sara gifted me an App. Did you even know you can give people apps? Well, you can.

The App is called My Talking Pet, and it's pretty much the best thing that's happened to my phone since the shared Miranda album we have on iCloud. I could go on and on about how amazing this app is, but I think I'll just show you a few more videos. It's pretty worth the $1.99 it costs. You positively need it.

Ok, here are some more of the videos:

This one is the second one of the sam picture. You'll notice the voices sound a little different. I'm still trying to capture Miranda's vocal essence.

This is what Miranda's thinking when I'm harassing her while she's trying to watch her shows.

Miranda got a bed from her friend Murphy, and she never told him 'thank you.' Well, now she can!

Now I know you have to go get this app. It's necessary. Get one for yourself an gift one to a friend.

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