Obsession Confession: Zazzle's Custom Printed Fabric

Well, it's true. I'm obsessed with Zazzle. Now, though, it's getting even worse. Now, friends, they have custom printed fabric. Because I've been making all sorts of prints for the Valentine's Day Printables, I decided to use some of those prints and turn them into fabrics. To the left you'll see a CAD of a dress made out of the first fabric I've actually ordered. I think I'll make a top out of it when I get it in the mail, but I thought I'd make it up as a dress just to see what it would look like.

Now, I uploaded my prints already in full repeat, but when you use make yours on Zazzle, you can choose how you'd like your image to repeat. That way, you don't have to already know how to CAD a print.

Zazzle also has several fabric qualities from which you can choose, ranging from combed cotton to Natural Linen. With all those weaves and weights, you could make anything from a top to a tote to a set of curtains. Who knows? Maybe you can think of more ideas than I can.

There are already lots of designs being sold on Zazzle by other designers, but since this is my post, of course I'm going to show you mine! Check them out below.

Ballet Flat Fabric
Ballet Flat Fabric by spinsterstore
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Fashion Flats Printed Fabric
Fashion Flats Printed Fabric by spinsterstore
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It's kind of hard to see this one, but it's a fashion flats and sketches print. I made it subtle, but I think I am going to add a black and white version as well.

Call Me Fabric
Call Me Fabric by spinsterstore
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Some of these prints look sideways, but I think I did the print so that it's on the grain. We'll see when I get my first yard of fabric!

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