Photoshoppery: Missy Elliott

After Missy Elliott blew me away at the Super Bowl, I thought I should honor her with some particularly fantastic photoshoppery. Missy Elliott, I believe everyone noticed,  is looking pretty good these days, so I've put her in some particularly glamorous situations.

First we have a Missy Elliott hair dresser doll. I'm not sure what's going on on the left hand side here, but it's pretty excellent.

I think we've all noticed that Missy Elliott has lost some weight. That makes this barbie even more believable.

You may not know this, but Elliott is also into Lolita fashion. 

She was also doing a little modeling. She is looking pretty slim.

Elliott is now also a Brony. Or, if you prefer, a Pegasister. She also has white arms. Don't worry about it. 

Happy Thursday!

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