Printables: Valentines from a Creeper

As of today, you have a week to get your Valentine's Day business in order. That means, if you're mailing things, you should probably do that today. Just to make sure they get there on time, and just so you don't end up sending an e-card. Am I right? I'm right.

Now, potentially one of the reasons I'm a Spinster is that I'm a bit of a creeper. I've mostly figured out how to keep from actually saying most of the things I think out loud, but I wonder if the fact that I think them at all is somehow projected onto my face. I'm going to say that's probably the case. I'm going to blame this on too many movies and too many books.

Today, in honor of my total creepiness, I've made some creepy printable valentines. Perhaps there's someone near and dear to you that you'd particularly like to creep out, or perhaps your best friend will think these are funny. Whatever your reasoning, the links to downloadable pdfs are below each valentine, and each one will print quite nicely to 5"x7" format. Enjoy!

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