Spinster Shopping: Treats for the Sweet

Yes, yes. I know that the actual quote is "sweets for the sweet." (Well, "Sweets to the sweet" if you're talking Hamlet and "sweets for the sweet," if you're talking Clive Barker's "The Forbidden." I didn't know that until just now.)My middle school math teacher, Mr. Smith, used to say "sweets for the sweet" when someone brought him something sweet to eat.  However, with the exception of the tenth item on this list, I should hope you wouldn't actually eat any of the things on today's gift guide.

I'm giving you this guide on Sunday so you have plenty of time to order or run out and purchase any of these items if, in fact,  you do require a gift for this holiday. Now let's get to linking!

          I love a good glitter polish, and I love to find unique ones on Etsy. This fills all those requirements! 

          This sweater only has a hint of valentinesiness, so the recipient will be able to wear it past just this one holiday. I can actually see wearing this a lot.

          I meannn...these are really cute. I know they probably make you think of Lolita, but those ones were red anyway. At $5.24, these are a steal.

          I love that fun sneakers are in style right now. I want all of the fun sneakers in all of the color ways. These, though, just seemed to be especially cute for Valentine's Day.

          You can never have too many pairs of Earbuds. I have a tendency to break earbuds all the time, so having a spare pair as cute as these could be a real help.

          You know, for those unwanted Valentine's Day encounters. Just to be safe. 

7. Aerie Boxer: $15.95, Aerie
          These sleep shorts have little lips all over them. Very cute. Just remember, as always, go at least one size up in Aerie. They're tiny.

          You can use this bundt pan to make Ginger Jones's Chocolate Chip Cake.

          Sure, this watch is sort of Valentine's Day themed, but it's so cute I'd be tempted to wear it all the time. Ok, maybe it wouldn't be a temptation...it would be an imperative. 

          These are a great gift for the tea-loving Valentine. Cute little heart sugar cubes are a perfect little luxury for that morning cup of warmth.

Happy Shopping! 

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