The Great NYC Image Purge 2015

As promised, today is the great image purge. I took a bunch of photos for work while I was in New York, but there were some I took that I deemed not quite right for what I was doing there. So, you get to benefit from this! The first image you see there is from the window of Space Kiddets. I saw it the day before Valentine's Day, and it just seemed appropriate to me for a lot of reasons.

This photo is my lunch on my first day back in New York. It's the Pret-a-manger egg salad sandwich with arugula. I used to eat this, like, three times a week during work lunch break. FIY: I tried their orange juice for the first time while I was in New York, and it is pretty darn good. 

I love Udon, and I liked this sign. 

I took this photo at Kisan to remind myself to tell my sister about this designer. Servane Gaxotte makes these incredible little doll necklaces wearing hand made dresses. So cute. 

I didn't purchase anything in this store, but I loved all the little girls' clothes. I took a photo of their window so I'd remember the name...and tell my sister about it so she can visit.

This is a photo from Fish's Eddy. I love that store. 

I took this photo on the bottom floor of ABC Home. I really liked the idea of a minimalist pastel tea party, and I liked these colors together. 

Again, I took this photo for color combos and patterns. I'll take one of each. All can be found at ABC Home. 

This painting was hanging above the bar at Moustache on 102nd street, where I met Alex and her boyfriend for dinner. Something about it struck me as funny and charming. 

Hear-shaped chocolate raspberry doughnuts the day before Valentine's Day at Dough

I passed a window with this wig in it. It just seems like a really specific wig. 

Pink Leopard usually isn't my thing, but something about these sandals made me want to buy them. 

Pastel and Neon at a bead store on Saturday. 

I'm going to venture that Mr. Cristoph Waltz is, in fact, a fantastic man. (Photo taken at Opening Ceremony)

I found these little cards at In God We Trust. The text is kind of hard to read with the image this size, but if you click on the image, you can get a better view. 

I got a new hair cut and decided I needed to take a selfie. This was after sleeping on it one night. We're still getting used to each other. 

Something about this photo is funny.

I can't have an image purge without a cat. 

A painting I saw at Showplace Antique Center.

Another find at Showplace Antique Center from my last day in New York. That place is a treasure trove. 

I thought these glasses were cool. Nice print inspiration. 

Believe it or not, this is an Arthur Court Ice bucket. There are hinges at the neck and tail, and it opens up so you can put ice and drinks inside. they had a bunch of different animals. Crazy and cool. 

This terrifying thing is a resin coffee table that I believe costs somewhere int he neighborhood of $6,000. My friend Pat said she needed emotional support to look at it. I can't say I disagree. 

And this is the last photo I took before grabbing a cab to go to the airport. I thought this artist's work was cool, so I took a photo to research later. So, now you can, too!

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