Coloring Page: Crazy Geometry


Ok, look. I don't really know geometry, but I think that's probably the best way to describe what's going on in today's coloring pages. In any case, there are lots of little spaces for coloring! You can color them any way you like, and it'll sort of look like a kaleidoscope. These types of coloring pages can sometimes be the most relaxing. You can use any color you want.

Just because these are some of my friends' favorite kind of coloring page, I decided we needed two. As always, these'll print nicely on an 8.5x11 page. Or...if you want to wait until the next Spinsterhood Diaries Coloring Book comes won't have to print it at all!

Now, color away, Spinsters! And, if you need a little update later today, check The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page around Lunchtime. Happy Tuesday!


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