Coloring Page : Doughnuts

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It's Wednesday, and you need a little something sweet as a reward for making it halfway through your week. If you're trying to cut back on the calories, maybe you should just color your sweet treat instead. Yep, this is a coloring page of doughnuts. 

At the top, there's a frosted doughnut with sprinkles. And, girl, those sprinkles can be any color you'd like.  For that matter, the dough and the frosting can be, too. The second one is a cream (or custard or jelly) filled doughnut with frosting on top. It looks a little vulgar, but that's just so you can show what kind of filling you wanted. The next one is heart shaped, frosted, and sprinkled with heart shaped sprinkles. When I went to Dough in New York, they had a heart shaped chocolate raspberry doughnut, and I found it quite enchanting. So, it's included here. The last doughnut is frosted and then drizzled on top. 

While you color today's doughnuts, I want you to imagine what they'd taste like. I hear that there is a place in New Jersey where they actually prepare the doughnuts to order right there while you wait. I mean...does it get better than that. I only hope my sister will try it out soon so I can hear all about it. 

Happy coloring today! You're halfway through the week. 

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