Monday Morning and an Old Playlist.

Well, it's Monday, and while I still feel like I'm laughing up a lung, I do feel quite a bit better. As you can see above, Miranda was feeling just fine this weekend. She looks like a real animal here instead of the furry baby human I know she is, but I still think she's cute.

Miranda and I took many a  nap this weekend, and she was so cute for all of them. Because of all the napping, though, today I'm posting photos instead of illustrations. However, you'll also get a rerun of one of the old playlists that's just for Mondays.

Before I post the Playlist, though, I wanted to share this one photo of one of the #FAFATL headbands I dropped this weekend. It went to a good home on a cute little girl's head. I must admit that I think the magnet I used to attach it to the light pole was one of my better creations. Now if I could only get a really good drawing of a dog going. One of these days...

Now, to get your Monday Started off right, click on the playlist below and enjoy!

Monday Songs by jonezee85 on Grooveshark

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