Spinster Shopping: Pop of Pineapple!

After all those coloring pages, I thought perhaps you could do with some Saturday morning shipping without leaving your bed. Since spring is here and summer is right around the corner, I thought we should get tropical and bright with this shopping guide and go for some pineapples.

Pineapples are one of my very favorite fruit. I like them fresh or canned, in cake or on a pizza. In my opinion, pineapples are just one of the best fruits out there. So, why not wear them on your clothes? Lucky for me, there are lots of wearable options this year.

So let's get to linking!

          These are the perfect little slip-ons for a weekend trip to a fruit stand.

          Imagine a cute french manicure with this? Maybe with turquoise or green tips? To keep it tropical?

          Add some pizazz to your swimwear by adding this to your favorite pair of black (or bright) bikini bottoms.

          Get your glitter on with these fresh and fruity earrings.

          In case you love Pineapple now but aren't sure you're going to love it forever. I mean...but how could you stop loving pineapple?

          Great as PJs or a swim coverup. Cute.

          In the home, pineapples supposedly signify welcome. A candle in a pineapple jar with make your home look and smell welcoming. 

          Anyone who knows me knows I love to finish off a basic outfit with a fun scarf. Voila! The pineapple infinite outfit finisher.

          This just comes on a cord, but you can change it to a chain, too. Either way, it's cute and dainty. Great with swim or your street clothes.

          You can't beat $7 flip flops. And these are pretty darn cute.

Happy Shopping! Eat some pineapple today!

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