Spinster Sunday Thoughts

As I type this, I'm fending off my dog while eating a slice of cold pineapple pizza from last night and watching the first season of House of Cards. I know, I know. I'm late to the House of Cards party, but my parents insisted it was excellent, so I had to check it out. It's much better than the Hallmark Channel things they usually suggest. Oh, the drama!

In an unprecedented move, I actually shared my pizza with a couple of single friends last night. They had offered to come help me clean my apartment because...well, because it was a wreck, and they both..."love cleaning!?" While I can't imagine that anyone would love cleaning, I am eternally grateful. I've still got some organizing to do, but it looks much like a crack (or pizza, as it were) den in here than it did yesterday. All of this is to say that it's excellent to have single friends. 

I feel I'm moving into a new stage of spinsterhood. I had a date yesterday and considered canceling beforehand just because I wanted to hang out with  my dog. While I was away from her, I wanted to text her to check in, and then I remembered that not only does she not have her own phone (this could be remedied), but she's also a dog, so she can't actually text. This was a very upsetting realization. 

After the cleaning fiesta yesterday, we did one of my favorite things in the world: a makeover. It was a crazy hair and makeup makeover, but it was so much fun. I just think there should be more makeovers in this world, and I should be able to see them all. As such, I think I should link you to this article I found this morning on Refinery 29 from the beginning of the month. You may want to have your own makeover movie binge now. 

As for me, I'm doing my very spinsterly job of keeping the nursery at church this morning. I'll hold all the babies and play with all the children. When I'm done, I won't have to take any of them home. 

Happy Sunday, and happy Spinstering!

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