An Old Illustration and some Atlanta Artist Links

Yesterday, instead of making a new illustration for today's post, I cried my eyes out while watching Beginners. Honestly, I think it was the dog, mostly. Now that I'm fully and openly obsessed with my dog, every dog that follows someone around their apartment makes me just crumble with the cuteness.

This is an old illustration from an accessories portfolio. I don't even know when I made it. I think it was inspired by the Marni jewelry of the time - wood and beads and layered shapes. I'd probably still wear it if it actually existed. 

So, today, I think we should link to some Atlanta Artists. I'm not, by any means, part of the "scene" here, but I do think it's cool that there are some people who are making a living with their art in Atlanta. I'm not sure whether all of the people I'm going to list below are doing it 100% full time, but still...these will be some fun links to visit on your Monday morning.

So let's get to linking. 

          I met Julie Ann McKevitt at a funciton for her nonprofit organization, Paint Love. Next door to the main event, McKevitt was also having a little gallery opening, and I purchased one of her paintings. It is a fun little painting of cacti, and though I keep forgetting to hang it, it's going to be cute in my apartment. 

          I think I started following this guy on Instagram because he does Free Art Friday. I'm not sure, though. In any case, his stuff is really cool. He does a lot of amazing murals, and he posts them on his Instagram.

          If you're decorating your house, and you've got some cash to burn, I think you should go for one of these. I got one of her prints for Christmas from my mom, and I still haven't had it framed. On my "to do" list for this week.

          I don't know who this guy is - just another #FAFATL person-, but I think this @lanta tee is pretty clever. 

          Minimal and accessible. The use of basic color reminds me of Rothko but not.

- Hense (AKA: Alex Brewer): 
          Come paint my life, please. Just, please. 

Ok, enjoy your Monday morning perusal! I must go to work.

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