Artfields 2015 Image Purge 1: Installations

Artfields Mural, Lake City, SC

For a few years now, my mom has been insisting that I need to go to Lake City for their annual arts event, Artfields. Spearheaded by Business Woman Darla Moore, Artfields has so far been an annual arts festival in Lake City, Moore's hometown. With over 400 works, this thing was a doozie. I had to take a day off work to see it all. 

If you live in the Southeast and think you'll be able to visit sometime during the run of the festival (April 24th - May 2nd, 2015), I highly recommend you make a day of it. For those of you who can't make it, though, I took lots of pictures! I took so many photos, in fact, that I'm going to have to break this image purge into a few posts. The good news, though, is that a lot of these images are highly pinnable to your "inspiration" board on Pinterest. 

By far, I didn't photograph everything, but these are some of the ones I saw and enjoyed most. So let's get to explaining all of these photos with the help of my handy dandy Artfields Field Guide. 

Mike Fowle & Patz Fowle's "You Are What You Eat"

Mike Fowle & Patz Fowle

Mike Fowle and Patz Fowle
This was a really fun installation in a great children swear store, replete with  little smocked dresses. It was created by Mike Fowle and Patz Fowle of Hartsville, SC. Essentially, the installation was a mobile of fish made from recycled materials of all kinds. I loved the unexpected way each item and material was used. The more you look at each fish (and I've only captured a small percentage of them here), the more little items you see.

"The Treasure Hunt" by Kathryn Ervin
This one was posted all around the city. I like the colors and the textures. Artwork by Kathryn Ervin

"Complexities of the Mind" by Sally Garner
"Complexities of the Mind" by Ashville's Sally Garner occupied a large, sunny space along with several other excellent installations. This one was a giant crocheted fabric made from unwound video tape.

"Change of Heart" by Stacey Holloway
I like looking at a good cross-section, and I like looking at miniature versions of large things, so "Change of Heart" was pretty excellent to me. This piece is pretty masterful, but then again, Stacey Holloway is a professor.

Razza/Corza 2013 by Russell Bellamy

Razza/Corza 2013 by Russell Bellamy
Razza/Corza 2013 by Florida artist Russell Bellamy was one of my very favorite installations in the show. These were sort of combination rocking horse/swings, and they were an interactive piece. Each one has a real, heavy duty saddle atop a metal frame, and when you mount these horses, you can swing and rock as you please. Very cool. I only wish I hadn't been wearing a dress. It may or may not have been an unsightly situation.

"Precious 024" by Mike Lavine

"Precious 024" by Mike Lavine
"Precious 024"was made completely of wood shavings and occupied the same space as the installation pictured below. Mike Lavine's website shows a lot of different versions of this technique, and they're all great. Just don't sneeze around them, ok? Also, this piece really reminded me of that episode of House of Cards when the Tibetan Monks were in the White House.

"Seep II" by Jackson Martin
Ashville's Jackson Martin's "Seep II" was one of my favorite pieces. The lady in the store was quite chatty and informed us that Martin would have liked to have made the wood floor much larger, but he couldn't. Behind it, you can see a lithograph printed on one continuous piece of rice paper.

Spiral Memory by Ayako Abe-Miller of Greenville, SC

This installation by Ayako Abe-Miller is entitled "Spiral Memory," and it was installed on the floor of Threads Boutique. While I looked at the piece, the girl in the store told me that she needed a sign that said this was artwork and that people should not touch it. Apparently people kept coming in and saying what an interesting way to display clothes she had.

"Madame Magar's Makeshift Studio: The Pee Dee Collection" by Leigh Magar 
Leigh Magar hails from John's Island, where my mother once lived in a cold cinder block house. Just a little tidbit for your Saturday morning. Agar wasn't there when I walked through, but apparently she was going to set up and weave in the window of Mosaic Boutique with her piece "Madame Magar's Makeshift Studio: The Pee Dee Collection." Incidentally, Mosaic is a really nice shop in a beautiful space.

"Repose" by Jim Arendt
This is both creepy and excellent. However, I'm not planning to display Jim Arendt's "Repose" in my bedroom any time soon. This is the stuff of nightmares for me.

"Systems and Portraits" by Lance Turner

I liked the faux puddles of silver in Lance Turner's "Systems and Portraits." I also like an installation I can actually get inside of or walk through. Maybe that's just me,t hough. Turner actually has some stuff available with Saatchi, which is kind of a huge deal. His website, though, gives me a little bit of a headache.

"Disembarrassment" by Bohyun Yoon
You can see my little feet at the bottom of this installation. "Disembarrassment" was an excellent interactive piece, and I wish all mirrors were this way: just feet and faces. Bohyun Yoon is onto something.

A shot of just one corner of the R.O.B., where lots and lots of installations were displayed. What a great space!

"A Careful Destruction" by Voyeur Designs Gina Thompson
"A Careful Destruction" Includes bits and pieces of dismantled tapes and VHS arranged in quite a pleasing way. Voyeur Designs is out of Atlanta, so...there's that. I liked this installation. It was hip.

"Concerning Being" by Lynne Riding
There's just something nice about a bunch of little irregular versions of the same sort of thing. Lynne Riding's "Concerning Being" is just such a thing. This is only a few of the little pod/bowls.

"Discard" by Kim Dick
Kim Dick's "Discard" reminded me of lots of beautiful things, like eyelashes and ruffles. I'd put this on my wall.

"1,2,1" by Jessica Reynolds

"1,2,1" by Jessica Reynolds 
If you were looking for the one most relatable image in this post for your fashion inspiration mood board, I'd say Jessica Reynolds's "1,2,1" is probably it. It's got nice color, and of course this could translate directly into some embellishment. So go ahead, pin it. 

"Flashing Piece" by Shannon Rae Lindsey
If I owned a hotel, I'd want this in the lobby. I just really like it. It's shiny, it's drapey, and it's made out of metal. Yes to all, thank you. For more from Shannon Rae Lindsey, visit her website here. She's based in West Columbia, SC! I like that.

"Self Portrait As Bunnies (Bad Boy)" by Alex Podesta

"Self Portrait As Bunnies (Bad Boy)" by Alex Podesta

"Self Portrait As Bunnies (Bad Boy)" by Alex Podesta

I'm closing this particular installment of the Artfields Image Purge with Alex Podesta's "Self Portrait As Bunnies (Bad Boy)" because I think I spend the most time looking at this out of all the installations. The detailing was really awesome. It was incredibly realistic. Just look at those feet!

Check back tomorrow for more photos from my trip to Lake City's Artfields!

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