Artfields 2015 Image Purge 2: Everything Else

"December" by Yvette Cummings

After yesterday's gargantuan art post, I figured we should just wrap up the Artfields posts with just one more today. In this post, we'll just have everything else I saw an photographed and liked. I'm currently on a little quest for art for my home, so I will have to admit that my tastes were a little skewed toward those that would look good in a spinster lair. There were so many good things to see, though, that I couldn't get them all. Good thing there are still quite a few days left in the festival, so if you live close enough, you'll be able to see it all!

The above image is "December," by Yvette Cummings, and I quite liked it. It was in a small shop called Fairview Farmers, which had an old walk-in safe. The piece is a nice, large size, and it's mostly painted but includes some collage as well on the girl's skirt.

"Minervaville: 100 Views" by Mary Gilkerson

"Minervaville: 100 Views" by Mary Gilkerson
"Minervaville: 100 Views" was a nice collection of small landscapes by Columbia, SC Artist Mary Gilkerson. I can imagine a collection of these looking great on someone's wall. Each painting was about 5"x 7", I'd guess, making them perfect in multiples.

"Untitled (From Hamlet)" by Bonnie Vetterick
The shopkeeper at The Elegant Bee, where this painting was on display, said she would not mind keeping this one at all. I concur. it is lovely. Have a look at more of Bonnie Vetterick's awesome work here.

"Landing at Seefood City" by Ray Dugas
"Landing at Seafood City," is from delightfully bearded artist Ray Dugas. He's kind of a big deal, and he's an alumni professor at Auburn so...I guess what i'm trying to say is that I'm fairly sure it shouldn't surprise anyone that I liked this one.

They even had a display of some kids' art for Artfields, and of course I had to share one of a cat. This is, after all, The Spinsterhood Diaries.

"Her Gift To The World" by Tatyana Kulida Shelley
This painting, entitled "Her Gift To The World," was in a barber shop, and it was stunning in person. I  must say that Tatyana Kulida Shelley seems to be my kind of painter. She does a lot of female portraits, and obviously, that's what I like to see. Click the link above to check out more of her work!

"800LB.Gorilla" by Kat Casey
Of all the paintings in Artfields this is one I would most likely hang on m wall. "800Lb.Gorilla" by Kat Casey was hanging in the amazing creative space that is Olio Studio. Fun little tidbit: The proprietress of Olio, one Caroline Duncan Tarantini, was recently awarded Lake City, SC's Business Woman of the Year award. So, if you're ever in Lake City, you should check it out!

"U-Turn" by Lee Casey
It's not surprising to me that I loved all the art Caroline Duncan Tarantini chose for her studio. We went to high school together and came up under the same Art Teacher, one Heidi Adler. So, this is all to say that I also would love to hang this particular piece in my home. Lee Casey has even more amazing artwork if you click the link at the beginning of this sentence.

"Island Rodeo" by Katie Baines
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this painting earlier this week. I just like it. I'd like to hang it in my home. Thank you. Find out more about the artist here. 

"Mapping Invisible Cities #2" by Jim Toub
I like the color and intricacy of "Mapping Invisible Cities #2." I have many a time considered making an art map of all the places I've lived so far. Jim Toub is also a professor at App State, so I think it's fair to assume he's seen a bunch of the Autotune the News videos.

"Not My Happy Hour" by Pamela Wesley Copeland

This was a smaller painting by Pamela Wesley Copeland, displayed in Lake City's delicious Railway Grill. If you want to know what real old school South Carolina food tastes like, this is the place to go. It very much reminds me of a place we used to have in Sumter, SC, called Cole's. So very good. I feel I should just say, though, that I really did like this painting with its dinnertime lighting and broad brushstrokes. One of these days, I want someone to paint a portrait of me with brushstrokes like this.

"The Climb" by Kristen Solecki
I'm going to assume that Kristen Solecki's "The Climb" has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus. Still, it was small and cute, and if you fancy Solecki's work, there's a bunch of it available on Etsy!

"To Market, To Market" by Aron Belka
This Painting ("To Market, To Market" by Aron Belka) is so gigantic and involves a lot of palette knife action. I loved this piece. Not only is the size impressive, but the execution is perfection.

"Brothers in Arms" by  Brenda Gilliam
I like the fun of this painting and also the texture in the background. Check out more of Brenda Gilliam's work here. 
Detail from "Koy Series #13, Rush Hour" by Tami Cardnella
My mom thought this was actually a photograph. The painting is much larger than what's represented in this photo, but I thought this technique deserved some up-close photography.

Douglas Balentine and his painting, "Liane"
My mom and I got to Artfields before the opening ceremony, and we were lucky enough to see Douglas Balentine hanging his own painting. I had to take his picture next to it.

"The Ineffable State of Being" by Seth Rouser
This beautiful painting was displayed in a really cool store in Lake City called the Main Street Mercantile. That place is worth a visit if you do go to Artfields. If you can't make it, though, check out Seth Rouser on his website!

"Blue Chair" by Scott Quinn
Having spend a fair amount of time in laundromats in my day, I am particularly partial to this piece. It's pretty small, but it's lovely. I like how Scott Quinn named this after that little bit of blue chair in the corner.

"Quarrel in Pink" by Jeremy Pelt
I like how "Quarrel in Pink" is not entirely nonobjective. You can see figures and shapes and the link. I'm not so sure about the shirtless photo on the bio page of Jeremy Pelt's webpage, but his other work is pretty cool.

"Celebration - Forgive" by Alexi Torres

"Celebration - Forgive" by Alexi Torres
I had to show two images of "Celebration - Forgive" by Alexi Torres because I was just so fascinated by all the intricacy and detail in this painting. It looks positively three dimensional. So good.

detail from "I'll Save You Tomorrow" by Juan Logan
I had to show a closeup of Juan Logan's "I'll Save You Tomorrow" because it has such a cool texture. These are lots of little pearls. Check out more of Logan's work here.

"Swallowing the Ocean in a Single Gulp: The Trappings of Time and Technology" by Margie Bach
This blue lady is awesome. While I think the blackberry and computer used in this sculpture are actually just a real blackberry and laptop spray painted gold, the form of the woman is very impressively sculpted. Check out more about the artist, Margie Bach, by clicking the link.

"Lake City Sea Core" by Alison Sigethy

This was a really beautiful sculpture I could see as a nice decoration in someone's home or lobby. Could you imagine having several really tall ones in a room with high ceilings? I can, and it' wonderful. Check out more of Alison Sigethy's excellent work on her website.

I hope you've enjoyed this little pictorial of more of the art at Artfields. Again, if you have the time, I highly recommend a little jaunt in Lake City.

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