Easter Weekend Image Purge: Sumter Flea Market

This past weekend I went home to Sumter for Easter, and between lazing on the sofa, eating everything in sight, and playing fetch with Miranda, I made a little trip to the Sumter Flea Market on highway 378. Whenever I go to a flea market, people ask if it was a good one. The thing is, it depends on what makes a good flea market of you. For me, I like to go to a flea market with super cheap prices and merchandise that looks like someone's cleaning out their garage. This one fits the bill.

While I didn't buy everything I saw there, I did take lots of photos. That's why today's post is an image purge. There were lots of fun and hilarious things  there, and I wanted to share. The first image is a strange little cat figurine where the two little kittens are chained to their mother's neck. They're also embellished with a little bit of real fur (???).

Read carefully. While this may be appropriate for your father, it doesn't actually say "father."

Crafts. I Love Crafts. I liked this one so much I had to post it on Instagram.

There was this one shop that was full of "redneck" items. This was right next to a "redneck toupee," which appeared to be a circular piece of deer skin. So strange.

There were two rows of Obama watches in this case. The second one from the left is a little...intimate. I wonder where anyone even comes by this many Obama watches.

For some reason, I really liked this butter dish and the matching bowl, which seemed like it was the perfect size for some potato salad or pistachios. It was reddish orange and iridescent. I feel like if this were used the right way, it could be really cool. However, the bowl and butter dish were $25 and $20 respectively, which I thought was way too expensive for the Flea Market on 378. 

I kind of loved this sun faded puffer vest, but I didn't buy it. In fact, I'm not even really sure it was for sale. It was just sort of sitting on a random unmanned table that had no other merchandise. 

And, to close out this post, I thought I'd show you this very appropriate Thrift Shop Day mug. The other side had an image of some kind of a skyline that I didn't recognize. I thought it was pretty funny anyway, though. 

Happy Monday!

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