Spinster Shopping: Beach Totes for 2015

I know it's not quite summer yet, but I'm having a hard time waiting. Though I'll be one of the lumpier spinsters by the pool this summer, that isn't stopping me from wanting to take a little dip. Before I get up the courage to reveal my chunk sitch to the world, though, I have to warm up with a little magazine or book or what have you. That's why a beach tote is so absolutely necessary. If you've been carrying you old one to the actual beach, then you know how hard it is to rid it of all the sand. Maybe you should just get a new one!

I've tried to find some affordable options to go alone with my dream-totes. I hope there's something on the list you like! Let's link!

          There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but from where this spinster stands, the school is thinning. Perhaps the fish on the sides of this tote are all the ones you'll need this summer. 

          Chances are, you didn't get any of the Lilly Pulitzer stuff when it was at Target. If you did, I hope you bought a lot and are selling whatever didn't fit on Ebay. If you're still hankering for a Lilly tote for the beach this summer, why not just buy one directly from Lilly?

          This says it's a small tote, and it certainly is on the smaller end where I'm concerned. It's super cute, though, and if you're a good packer, this could work for both a beach tote and a large purse.

          I think this one's a little pricey for Walmart, but It's also pretty cute. It comes in three different color ways, and they're all pretty cute. 

          This is another tote that's super cute and could function for both the beach and for shopping. I'm pretty over the chevron pattern, but this one exceeds all expectations and is very cute. 

          Mara Hoffman did this print in a one piece, a two piece, a tote, and a couple of dresses. I'll take one of each, please. Mostly, I'd like the long dress, though...and this tote.

          My new obsession (thanks to the chunk sitch) is Mexican embroidered tops and dresses. This reminds me of one of those, and so I like it quite a bit. Very cute. 

          This looks like a proper beach tote. If you roll your beach towel, I think it'd only take up one side of the tote, leaving plenty more room for snacks, magazines, and a coverup!

          So, Ripcurl is obviously a brand that knows a thing or two about beach life. This leads me to suspect that their beach totes are far above average. 

          When I saw the name of this Easy shop, I have to admit I cringed a little. My life in college was lived pretty far from the greek village. I do, however, love some Greek food. All of this is beside the point. These totes are made to order with your choice of monogram. Plus, looking at the girl in their photo for scale, this looks like it's great for schlepping. 

          One of the companies where I have worked (which shall remain nameless) would always buy the Victoria's Secret beach totes for...reference and inspection. So, I can say for certain, after having seen the insides and outsides of many of their totes, these are pretty sturdy stuff. Plus, it's a cute print!

          I've been so pleased for the last few seasons that Vera Bradley has been doing more than just quilted luggage. They've started doing some faux leather, and it is kind of excellent. I believe that this tote is one such faux leather or vinyl pieces. It comes in a few different prints, so head on over and check it out!

I hope you've found something here  you like. If not, I hope you've been inspired to find something even more excellent. 

Happy shopping!

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