Spinster Shopping: Beach Towels!

Nothing makes me feel more like summer has arrived than buying a fresh, new beach towel. It just starts the season off on a good note. While I know it's just barely spring, here in Atlanta it is already getting pretty warm. In fact, I ordered some new swimwear this week from Aerie. They have a nice selection of high-waisted styles for this of us with a chunk sitch. And, their prices are crazy good.

As much as I love Aerie swimwear, that's not what we're here to talk about today. No, dear spinsters, we're here to talk cute beach towels. A few of these are very affordable and a no-question buy. Some are a bit more expensive than I would have expected, but all of them are very cute. 

Below are all the links as well as a little commentary to boot. I hope you find something here that'll help start your warm weather season right!

1. Dickins and Jones Bicycle Beach Towel: About $22.50, House of Fraser 
          I like that this has a little illustration of a bicycle. Most of the towels I found this season were blue or pink-based. This is a little something different. 

          I love a good ice cream illustration. When I was little, my dad used to always do this chant on our way to Baskin Robbins or Dairy Cream. Just to be clear, that wasn't a typo. There was a place called the dairy cream. It's not a Japanese takeout place.

          I just think this print is very cute. 

          This one is available at both Urban Outfitters and Gap.com. I like the stripes, but I also like that it's got a little fringe. Even though this is expensive, I really want it. 

          If you don't have a watermelon beach towel, you need one in your collection. Also, you could consider this one as another option. 

          I'm not sure what a printed velour towel is, but I tend to think that items from Lands' End and LL Bean are very high quality. You can also personalize Lands' End towels with your name or initials. 

          My friend Sara is from Florida, and someone stole the flamingos from her lawn. As such, I always like to keep an eye out for pink flamingo-themed things. I think this one is pretty fun. 

          Simple, clean, cute.

          If you're not too afraid to go into Walmart, they have an excellent selection of larger towels for those of us who aren't children. I like a larger beach towel. In fact, I like a larger bath towel as well. 

          I feel like this is a different sort of color combination for a beach towel. I like it.

So, if you're ready to start sitting by the pool or on the beach, go pick up some fresh towels to get this party going.

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