Spinster Shopping: Geeks on the Beach

Well, spinsters, you had to know this was coming at some point. It is my sincerest belief that one of the greatest untapped (or perhaps barely tapped) dating resources is the nerds. If you think you're going to find any on the beach (I have my doubts), these swimsuits may be your best way to separate yourself from the herds of ladies out there. These swimsuits say, "I'm a little quirky," while also potentially saying, "I like tetris/cheeseburgers/cats/Star Wars/Harry Potter/Comic Books/what-have-you."

If you're not looking for a date, these might just serve as a conversation piece with...you know...whoever's around. Some are fun and fashionable, and some are just about the concept. We'll delve more into that with the individual commentary. Let's link.

          So, this one ships from Australia, and the shipping, I believe, is around $18 USD. Still, if you're a huge old school video game kinda gal, this is for you!

          Remember when Gameboy Color came out? It was da bomb. The gameboy swimsuit comes in a lot of different colors, too. 

          In case you can't quite see it, this is a cat-themed swimsuit, and it's one of the more fashionable ones in this list. Perfect for beach spinstering. 

          Great for color nerds. Or designers. The neckline needs a little help, though. Just saying. 

          I have a confession to make: The LOTR swimsuit I used in the collage is no longer available, so I've linked you to one with Legolas on it. I mean...Why doesn't want to swim with Orlando Bloom printed on their belly?

          I dare you to wear this while eating a cheeseburger. Extra points if you don't also accidentally eat your swimsuit.

7. Tetris Swimsuit: $12.99, Amazon
          I love tetris, and I know you do, too. 

          If this one weren't so patriotic, I might actually wan to wear it. The bonus, though, is that this is pretty much the perfect thing to wear to your geeky Independence Day party. 

          Puns ought to about whenever anyone wears this suit. Great for some bonding, eh? I'm not going to lie. I'm so far removed from chemistry class, I'm not even sure if that applies to the print here, but I'd love it if it did. 

          A swimsuit with Daniel Radcliffe on it? I think it might be time to start a synchronized swimming spinster team. 

          This is just really funny. I also like that it has these crazy wide straps. 

          If this swimsuit doesn't get a guy to talk to you, I'm not sure what will. Then again, that might be why I'm a spinster. In any case, they didn't have the Chewbacca one I was looking for. Of course now I find it. 

Have fun geeking out with today's shopping! Tomorrow will be a little something different. Stay tuned!

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