Spinster Shopping: Take Two

Yesterday we focused on the one piece swimsuits, so today I think it's only fair we show some love to the two-piece variety. I've just realized how small the numbers are on today's collage, so for a better look, you can click on the image and open it in a new tab or page. 

For today's shopping guide, I tried to choose a range of different shapes and styles of swimsuits as well as a bunch of different price points. Instead of continuing this introduction, though, I think we should just get to linking!

1. Pendleton Hot Tuesday Bikini: $125, Roxy
          I like everything about this swimsuit. It's got some serious coverage, and it comes in an unexpected print. A+ from the spinster.

2. Women's Pineapple Ruffle Bikini Top: $17.49 and Bottom: $13.99, Kmart
          Technically, this swimsuit comes from the junior's department at Kmart, so it may be a little skimpy. If you can do it, though, more power to you! The price is certainly right!

3. Lovable Look Swimsuit Top: $43.99 and Bottom: $27.99, ModCloth
          This two piece is the opposite of skimpy, and I love it. It's high waisted, and it's got a peplum for maximum tummy hiding. On top of all of this, it's not wildly overpriced. Excellent.

          I love the pattern mixing in this style. It looks really high end, but all told, it's less than $100. Nice.

5. Gingham Seersucker French Bikini Top: $52 and Bottom: $44, J.Crew
          When I was a slimmer girl, J.Crew was one of my favorite places to get a swimsuit. I feel like their swimsuits are never too over the top. in a world full of cutouts, laces, and padding, I think there's room for simplicity in the market. This suit also comes in a black and white style. 

6. Aerie Holly Bikini Top: $31.47 and Mid Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom: $20.97, Aerie
          I love an Aerie Swimsuit. You can also buy a smaller, skimpier bottom to go with this top. Either way you go, though, that print is cute.

7. Nasty Gal Ahead of the Curves Bikini: $78, Nasty Gal
          A classic black bikini with a twist. If you've got the body for this, please buy it so I can live vicariously through you.

8. River Island Bustier Bikini Top: about $27, Bottom: about $21, Very and River IslandRespectively
          You may be wondering why I got these from two different stores. Well, initially, I was going to post bot pieces from Very, but when I went back to link them, the bottoms were gone. So, I had to go straight to the source. I think this is an especially fashionable swimsuit. I like the print, and I like the color way. Something about it is sort of unexpected for swimwear.

9. Plain Bikini Top: $25.90, and Bottom: $19.90, Zara
          I like that this is just simple and bright. I especially like the bow at the front. If you're a monogram girl, perhaps this is a good vehicle for this summer?

10. Mara Hoffman Estrada Bikini Top: $122, and Bottom: $122, Madewell
          Mara Hoffman swimsuits. What can I say? They're just so good. They're also just so expensive. I had to add this one, though, because look at that print! So cute.

11. Jungle Print Bandeau Bikini Top: About $12, and Bottom: $10, Marks and Spencer
          So, this is actually from England, and I'm not sure if they'll ship it to the US, but I just really like it. It's simple, and I like the little brief bottoms. Imagine wearing this with something really neon pink. 

12. Navy Dot Bandeau Top: $55, and Bottom: $50 Mimi Hammer on Etsy
          Check out these gigantically high rise bottoms! This is the perfect solution for those of us who have that problem where our torsos are too long for actual one-pieces. Well, this and that Spanx Dress Top from yesterday's post. I think it's really fun, though.

So, now that I've blabbered on about these swimsuits, I think it's time you visited those links and got you beach wardrobe started. Right? Right. 

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