Spinster Shopping: Tank You Very Much

I know we took a break from the swimwear shop-a-thon yesterday, but I've had a very special request to do a shopping guide for tankinis, and I thought it was quite a good idea. So, here we are with another swimwear shopping guide. Tomorrow will decidedly not be about shopping or swimwear, though, so if you've had it with the shopping, then you're in luck. If you aren't tired of the shopping and would like more, then please do leave a comment below or on The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page about the sorts of things you'd like to see in the next shopping guide, and I'll see what I can do!

Many of us (myself included) have torsos too long for a one piece swimsuit. That leaves us with the option of a tankini or a bikini, and sometimes we just don't want toe how all that belly. So, tankinis  we shall wear. Without further ado, let's just start linking. If you want to read further about any one swimsuit, You can read my little bit of commentary below the link or just visit the link and see what kind of info there is on the E Commerce website. Let's go!

          When I interned at Anna Sui, there was a print with the same sort of feel as this one which Forever 21 had straight up knocked off. The Anna Sui camp was understandably displeased. For some reason, every time I see a poppy-and-stripe print, it now reminds me of that, and I have a certain affinity for the style. This tankini top has the bonus of having a little shirring at the sides as well as a sort of molded bust. You can also wear this top with your favorite black swim bottoms. If you already have some, no need to buy any more! If you don't already have some, then I must tell you that that is a "must have" on this spinster's list. 

2. The Forever Tankini: $50.50, and Bottom: $28.50, Victoria's Secret
          This is a nice basic tankini that comes in a bunch of colors and a few prints. I may or may not have been swayed by the really good-looking models on the website for this one. I'm going to bet that if I purchased this swimsuit, I would not look like them. It's still cute, though, and I like that it's got a little gold.

          At first glance this top and bottom combo looks a little strange. However, if you visit the link to the top, you can see that this is actually the color bottom they have shown this top with, and I really don't mind it. It's unexpected...with a dash of "are you wearing bottoms at all!?"

4. Seersucker Swing Tankini Top: $68, And Bottom (just scroll down): $44, J.Crew
          I love the idea of seersucker for a swimsuit. I just do. If you're a monogram girl, imagine this with a little monogram down in the corner by the hem. That would be a very cute little hit of color. 

          This is one of the most affordable tankinis on the list, and I'd wager there's a JCPenney near where you're sitting right now. If you're in Manhattan, I'll give you a hint: It's underground, and there's a Sephora inside. (I always thought that was so weird.) In any case, I like this color way. It's a little off beat for this season, but it'll set you apart from the crowd!

          Now, I just love this. It's got to be super flattering. That peplum will cover up a multitude of sins, and the underwire will give you a little boost. Plus the whole thing has a cute retro vibe. I like it.

          This is just plain chic. I haven't got too much else to say about it. It's just very nice. 

          I like the watercolor-ish stripe on this as well as the shape of the top. This color combo also happens to be one of my very favorites. 

9. Aerie Embroidered Tankini Top: $31.47, and Bottom: $17.47, Aerie
          You had to know I was going to include an Aerie swimsuit again. They're just a really great value. They're good quality, and they're a low price. Plus, they're, like, always having a sale. Just remember that if you're a grown woman, you'll want to size-up. 

10. DKNY Striped Bandeau Tankini Top: $59.20, and Bottom: $30.60, Macy's
          Simple, sort of sporty, and over all very cute. I like the turquoise and navy combo. I feel like this one's classic enough you could wear it for several seasons. 

          The full title of this swimsuit says something about figure optimization or something. For $18, even if it didn't optimize my figure, I'd still think it was a pretty good deal. Additionally, this is one of the only sets I saw that actually had the little boy shorts. Very cute. If you're not into boy shorts, though, this is another opportunity for those favorite black bottoms you already have or should have. 

12. Striped Halter Rashguard: $52, and Bottom(just scroll down): $50, J.Crew
          I saw a few rash guard styles last season for women's swimwear. These are great for sun protection if your skin is particularly sensitive. This is, of course, one of the skimpier one, as I believe a traditional rash guard would offer full front and back coverage and at least partial arm coverage. It's a fun, sporty look that's good for you, too! (Plus it's super trendy right now)

So, go forth, you spinsters! The Tankinis, bandeaukinis, and rash guards await! 

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