Spinster Shopping:Fun for your Feet

Well, now we've done three kinds of swimsuits, beach towels, and beach totes, so the next item to complete our beachwear are some sandals so that hot sand (or pavement if you're a pool kind of gal)  won't burn your feet on the way to excellent relaxation. 

Today I've put together a list of some flip flops and sandals that will be easy to put on, wear, and take off while you enjoy some water-based leisure activities. Some are super affordable, and others are a little more luxurious. As always, you can click on the image above to get a better look at the collage. Or, if you're curious about a specific one, please click on the corresponding link below!

Now, let's link!

1. Women's T-Strap Sandals: $14.94, Old Navy
          These aren't you're basic rubber flip flops, but they're still affordable and easy to wear. I like that these are flat and minimal, and you can still slide your foot right in without too much effort. These also come in a few other color ways, so...excellent.

          This is what I'd probably call a "luxury flip flop." It's a rubber flip flop, but it's got a little bow, a little charm, and a fun print. If I were going to pay over $10 for a pair of flip flops, these would be on the list. 

          I'm going to be honest here. I'm not sure if this price is in USD or AUD. This is an Australian company, so they may want some Australian money. In any case, these come in black ombre and turquoise ombre, and I like them both.

          Honeslty, I could have made an entire post just about the cute flip flops on the Havaianas Site. However, I'll just tell you to go to their actual website and check them out. 

          So, I hear that Old Navy, years ago when they realized they were going to sell so many pairs of flip flops, purchased their own flip flop factory. That's why they're able to have so many different colors of flip flops every year at such a great price. They're not purchasing them from a third party. So. There's a little tidbit for you today. Old navy flip flops are always my go-to because they pretty much sell themselves.

          I'm not sure why ShopBop has these listed as "Firefly" rubber flip flops as I think the icon in the print is actually a geometric flaming, which is really cute. These come with three different ground colors,and they're a a little nicer than your average rubber flip flop. Splendid. No, they're actually made by a company called Splendid.

          I do not know how Aeropostale makes flip flops that actually end up being cheaper than Old Navy's but they do, and they're always really cute. It was tough for me to pick just one pair for this collage. So, I'll link you to this funny pair, too. 

          These aren't exactly rubber flip flops, but I really do like them. They also have that thong construction, so they kind of count. They come in a faux leather fabrication which even makes them a little dressier, so you can look extra fancy in your payless sandals on the beach or otherwise out and about. 

          Another pair of excellent Havaianas. I don't know what to say except that I love them. 

          These are fancy, but they're also rubber flip flops. I like the little 3D element of the flower, which I think makes them a little dressier. So, if you're looking for a very expensive-but-cute rubber flip flop, this might be the one for you.

          I have a pair of flip flops from Old Navy that are kind of constructed like these, and I really like them. I feel like sometimes I can get away with wearing them as something nicer than a flip flop if people aren't looking very close. Plus, I love the color mixing.

          I had no idea Fergie had a line of shoes called Fergalicious, but I love that song. I cannot deny it. Also, apparently this link is only for a size 6, so...sorry about that, guys...unless you are a size six. In that case, this is a great deal.

 So, I hope you've enjoyed perusing some beach sandals. If you're in dire need, though, there's always a trip to Walgreens or CVS or Rite Aid or Duane Reade. Last I checked, all those guys carried flip flops, too. 

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