Spinster Video: ASMR Flat Sketching

Since I'm kind of obsessed with making gifs, I've been wondering for quite some time how I could take a moving screen capture without having to use Adobe Captivate. After a little googling, I discovered I could do it with quicktime. Armed with this knowledge, I wracked my brain about what I should make as my first screen capture video. After much debate, I decided that the idea of "write what you know," was pretty good, and I chose to do a little fashion flat sketching.

In case you're not familiar with flat sketching, here's a brief little summary. Because hand sketches of all the styles a designer might want to create each season can a little less than accurate, most of the fashion industry (at least that part that mass produces many, many items a season) uses flat sketches, or technical sketches. Because CAD images allow you to add details such as stitching and seams as well as many different color ways of each styles without having to re-sketch the item for each color, the ability to create flat sketches in Adobe illustrator is very important to fashion designers.

Each company and/or designer has their own style of sketching. some sketches are more "flat," in that they are closer to a rendering of what the garment would look like laying flat on a table, while others look like they are being worn on a fantom body.

The video I'm sharing today is an ASMR video because I've been getting requests for those lately. Hopefully, like a Bob Ross production, it will put you to sleep. However, it's also an accurate representation of what flat sketching in the fashion industry looks like....at least for this fashion designer.

It's a long video, but check it out if you want to know what flat sketching looks like!

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