Wednesday Coloring Page: On The Beach

Over the weekend, there were a few people hanging out at the pool at my apartment complex. I was busy running around, going to Walmart, and walking Miranda, but I guess that was a good thing. The pool was actually closed, and no one knew it. They got kicked out, and it was awkward.

But this post isn't about my pool. It's about how you can print out today's illustration as a coloring page and color it in while you imagine you're on the beach instead of doing whatever it is you're doing. Whaddaya say?

Not only do I wish I were on the beach today, I also wish I looked like this little lady in her little bikini. If anyone wants to work out for me so that I somehow lose all the weight, please figure that out and get back to me. I'd be happy to be the guinea pig.

Now here's your coloring page. It will print nicely to an 8.5 x 11 page once you open it in a new tab (or window) and save it to your computer. Enjoy! It's Wednesday!

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