A Grainy Photo of a Friday Night Spinstering

Yesterday here in Atlanta, we had some serious traffic problems. Worse than the traffic problems was the cause of the traffic. There was a plane crash on 285 with four fatalities. Because of this, though, at lunchtime, I found myself stuck in gridlocked traffic for some 45 minutes as I tried to get home to walk Miranda.

Around eight, once the traffic had cleared, it was finally time to leave the apartment again to make a trip to ye olde Walmart to purchase some mattress pads and pillows for Zee and her roommate. After a week of gathering, I think we've got about 75% of the items on our list, and I am quite pleased. I also purchased some chocolate milk for myself at Walmart, too. Friday night is, after all, a time to get turnt.

The picture you see above is of my latest Spinster Netflix Binge, Call The Midwife. If you haven't seen it yet, you must start immediately. I think it puts Miranda in a cuddling mood.

If you still want to help the ladies who lost all their things in the fire, their registry is still open! Enjoy your Saturday!

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