Coloring Page: On The Beach

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Hooray for Saturday, and hooray for long weekends! On this first day of my long weekend, I'm headed to the pool at my apartment complex. I've got my big visor, a float, a little cooler, baby cans of coke, an oversized beach towel, and prescription sunglasses. I even made chicken salad last night in case I needed a sandwich out there. 

In celebration the long weekend and my trip to the pool, I thought I'd post this coloring page I made for the new coloring book. It's actually made for the beach (hence the umbrella), but I think it could mostly work for the pool, too. It's got everything you need! Now that I mention that, let's talk about all the things in the coloring pate...just in case you couldn't tell what all of them were. I'll start at the top left hand corner and work my way down and around.

- A book: The last book I actually read by the pool or on the beach was Ann Patchett's State of Wonder. This summer I hope to work my way through a couple of actual books and not just ones form Audible. Right now, I'm still working my way through Spinster - not because it's hard to read but because I keep forgetting to make time to read it.

- Sunscreen: Use it. 

- A Beach Hat: This makes reading easier, but it also protects your face. Usually I hate hats, especially when they're only for fashion's sake. However, the beach hat will protect your face and help you read.

- Beach Umbrella: My dad recently bought his first beach umbrella, and he's very excited about it because he has a tendency to burn. A little shade can do you good if you're not going to spend the whole day in the water.

- Bangle Bracelets: All the fashion magazines show people wearing jewelry with their swimwear, but I think that's kind of nonsense. However, it does help fill out the coloring page, what you will.

- Sandals: I mostly wear flip flops, but real sandals could be helpful when walking through that soft sand. 

- Sunglasses: Prescription sunglasses are amazing, but if you don't need those, then you've got all the options in the world! 

- Coverup: When I was younger, I used to like to go to the pool and eat lunch in "The Grill," just behind the pool. Wearing a coverup somehow seems more appropriate than eating just in your swimsuit. 

- One Piece Swimsuit: I bought my first one this year, and it's life-changing. The key was to get one that had adjustable straps. 

- Tassel necklace: Again, all the magazines and companies that make swimwear really try to push the jewelry-with-swimwear thing. That's just one more thing to take off before you get in the water in my opinion, but it's fun to color anyway.

- Backpack: Sometimes you want an alternative to the classic beach bag. This one has a cover and pockets. Maybe that'd help keep some of the sand out?

- Cooler: Stay hydrated!

- Beach Towel: I've decided that oversized beach towels are pretty much the best thing ever. Whoever decided they should start making those is a genius. 

- Magazine: No trip to the pool or beach is complete without a magazine. Last time we went to the beach as a family, my dad bought a bunch of magazines just for the girls. I have a stack just for the pool today.

I hope you're doing something amazing on the first day of your long weekend!

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