Friday Fun: Color Your Own Paper Dolls

Well, Spinsters, It would appear we've made it through the wilderness of another week. As such, I think you should treat yourself this morning with a little bit of relaxing fun. That's why I made you a special Plus sized coloring page today. As a bonus, you can cut this lady out, and all her clothes fit! That's more than I can say for myself, but perhaps it's because I'm 3-dimensional. I'll go with that.

Today's paper doll is made for 11x17 paper, but if you don't have that, of course you can print her and her ensembles over three pages of 8.5x11. Or you can shrink to fit, but I don't suggest that. She'll be very tiny if you do that. 

This lady didn't make it into the Spinsterhood Diaries Summer 2015 Coloring Book (I'll do a post on that when I receive my copy), so she's an extra-special printout just for today. Well...and perhaps if I decide to have a book of just paper dolls I'll put her there. 

In any case, Happy Friday! If you'd like to procrastinate a little before you actually get any work done, I suggest you find a printer, and make some paper dolls!

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