I'm Baaack! With a coloring page...

Well, spinsters, I'm back, and today I've brought you yet another coloring page of my face. I'm almost finished putting together the latest and greatest Spinsterhood Diaries coloring book. It should be out next month. Don't worry, though. I'll link you. 

I'm not quite sure what gives my hands in this coloring page the particular look of rubber kitchen gloves, but there they are...looking like gloves. If it makes you feel better or makes you giggle a little, you can just color my hands bright yellow. 

There will be much more to come this week, but right now I'm recuperating from a trip to South Carolina and my first (and only?) wedding of the season. At the rehearsal dinner, I got to talk to one of my friends I'd forgotten I liked so much. While I was talking to her, they served our salads, and I was saying how much I loved all these different kinds of dressings. To me - with my chunk sitch and all - dressing is pretty much the only reason for salad. Kate, though, prefers ranch dressing above all others, or as she called it, "fat girl's ketchup." I laughed so hard at this, I just had to share.

Happy Monday to you all! Start it off by coloring this coloring page. If nothing else, you should color the rubber glove hands.

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