See You Soon: A coloring Page

So this past weekend, I couldn't stop falling asleep, like, all the time. I fell asleep after work on Friday night and ended up eating peanut butter Oreos and chocolate milk for dinner at Walmart where I went to buy some pillows and mattress protectors for our fire victims. I fell asleep floating in the pool on Saturday morning wearing my first one piece swimsuit in a while. I had somehow fastened it wrong, and now I have a strange neckline tan. Yesterday, I fell asleep while having a foot massage and awoke to my own snoring. 

In addition to my compulsive sleeping, I'm also getting a bit of a sore throat. I think that requires a few more naps and quite a bit more Netflix and puppy cuddling.

Now, let's talk about the rest of the things on this coloring page (besides the chocolate milk, pool float, peanut butter oreos, remote control, tv, pillows, and swimsuit. I think those are already explained.) 

- Fried egg:
          At 29 years old, I fried my first egg this weekend. I'm pretty proud. It turned out well. Now I want to buy dozens of eggs and fry them all.

- Bed frame: 
          One of my coworkers' neighbors donated a metal queen sized bed frame and a hair dryer, and I went to Decatur to pick them up this weekend. 

- Bed in a Bag:
          I think I should just share this in case anyone else needs very affordable bedding. You can get an 8-piece bed-in-a-bag at Big Lots for $30. It includes a comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillow cases, and some pillow shams. 

- Kate Bolick's Spinster:
          I really miss the subway for reading. I've had this book for three weeks, and I'm still not halfway through. I'll get myself all set up to read it, and then I'll get too hot or too sleepy or too...something, and I won't be able to continue reading. The book is great so far. I need to carve out more reading time...somehow. Don't worry. I won't start reading in my car.

- Mexican Dress:
          I ordered this embroidered Mexican dress on Amazon about a month ago, and now it's all I want to wear. I wish I had five. 

Ok, all, enjoy your week!

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