Spilanthropy: Wanna Help?

Ok, so I know "Spilanthropy" is a stretch. It's supposed to be a combination of 'Spinster,' and 'Philanthropy,' in case you didn't get that. Let's move on.

The post I want to make today didn't necessarily have an image to go with it. So, I'm combining two. This is the image I'm using for a portrait I'm donating to a charter school here in Atlanta for their fundraising auction. I'm interested to see what comes of that. Of course, they won't get a portrait of Miranda (unless they want one). The idea is that they'll order a portrait of their child or pet.

Ok. On to more important things. On Saturday, I mentioned that a woman who goes to my church has lost everything in an apartment fire. She and her roommate are having to start over from scratch. With the help of our church members, the staff at Wieuca House, my coworkers, my neighbor, my sister, and my mom, we're trying to pull together as much as we possibly can to help these two ladies out. I can't even imagine what they're going through right now.

So, I tell you all of this not to toot the above mentioned people's horns...well, maybe they need to be tooted a little bit. Go ahead and giggle at that one. In any case, I'm telling you in case you might want to do a little good deed this week. With the help of another one of my church mates we've put together a registry for them at Target, and if you want to check it out, the link is here. Click!

Honestly, this may have been the closest to making a wedding registry I'll ever get. I was going to make one for my thirtieth birthday, but this seems much more...appropriate. And on a serious note, I have already been so overwhelmed by all that people have been willing to give. It's really astounding, and it gives me hope.

So, if your'e so inclined, send Zee something this week. It doesn't have to be anything big. Any little thing can help.

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