Spinster Food: Outshine Yogurt Bars

Well, spinsters, it's Saturday, and I hope you're being lazy, doing something fun, or both. Because it's the weekend, I think you need a sweet treat, and I have just the thing! Outshine Frozen Yogurt Bars.

About a month ago I had a party at my apartment, and my friend Anne brought some Outshine Popsicles. The Tangerine flavored ones were my personal favorites, and the coconut lovers loved the coconut. So, when I was in the grocery store the other day, I told myself I wasn't allowed to purchase real ice cream or Gelato. Lately I've been really into chocolate milk, and that's not helping the chunk sitch. However, if there's nothing dessert-isn in my apartment, I'm setting myself up for failure and foraging like a raccoon for something sweet.To strike a good balance, I searched for a healthier option. That's when I remember Anne's delicious popsicles.

I looked at all the Outshine products, and my eyes lit upon  a little something creamier: the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bars. I am of the mind that the healthier option usually sacrifices taste, but when I got these guys home (they're only 90 calories, a good source of protein and calcium, and they contain live and active cultures), I was more than pleasantly surprised. I've even managed to make the box last all week!

There are a few other flavors, and I can assure you I'll be purchasing another box on this weekend's trip to the Kroger. If you're looking for a low calorie frosty, tasty treat, I think you should give these babies a shot.

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