Spinster Shopping: The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

After all those coloring pages lately, I thought you might need a little bit of a shopping break. Today's shopping list is perhaps a little more expensive than usual, but these prices are mostly much more affordable than real designer sunglasses. 

The great thing about accessories - especially shoes, bags, and sunglasses - is that it doesn't matter how you're body's feeling that day. Your accessories are still going to fit. So, even if you like to go to the pool or beach fully clothed from head to toe, you can still look summery in a pair of fun and funky shades. Let's link!

1. Quay Mia Shades: $40, Nasty Gal
          A few stores this season are carrying Quay sunglasses. I especially like the color of these, but if you click the link in the last sentence, you can look at Shay Mitchell modeling a whole bunch of different and amazing styles.

          I love these because they're subtle yet funky. The chunky frame makes them seem updated while the tortoise makes them a little less in-your-face.

          These are great sunglasses for the girly-girl. They're blush-ish, and they have dots. Very cute.

          If you're more of an aviator fan, these are pretty cool. I must say that Express upped their sunglasses game this year. Bravo to them. 

          If your'e a person who constantly loses and/or breaks sunglasses, Target is a good place to shop. Their sunglasses are always fairly well priced and a bit more designed than the ones at stores like Walmart and Kmart. These are trendy, but you won't feel bad about breaking or losing them.

          I feel like these look a bit more expensive than they actually are. They call to mind a few styles from Prada and Fendi that are either out this season or were out in the past few seasons. These have a nice retro flare while also being black and gold so they'll match with most things in your wardrobe.

          I do love some Isaac Mizrahi. This is another pair of sunglasses that look more expensive than they are. I also like how retro they are with the cat eye and the 50's Diner pink. Very nice.

          These are just too cute for words. The oversized chunky cat eye with the scalloping at the corner. Just perfection. That's probably why they're on the expensive side for Asos, though.

          These are some true spinster sunglasses because their shape reminds me of actual cat ears. 

          I think these are also very fashion forward and have what we like to call in the fashion industry a "high perceived value." There was a lot of subtractive-frame action this season with the higher end sunglasses, so the fact that the lenses and the frame don't exactly match up on this style makes them seem more forward.

          To get the full idea of how fabulous these sunglasses are, click through to the images and look at them on the model's face. They're excellently oversized, and the bright blue is lots of fun.

12. Two-tone Sunglasses: $19.90, Zara
          If you prefer a smaller, well priced shade but don't want to sacrifice quirk, these might be a great option for you. They've got a round shape and a color blocked body, so you don't have to cover your whole face in the name of a trend. I, for one, love a big sunglass, but sometimes it's nice to have an alternative.

And in case you're wondering what in the world I was thinking when I named this shopping collage, they're song lyrics from Timbuk 3. You can check them out in this video:

Happy shopping!

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