The Spinsterhood Diaries Summer 2015 Coloring Book Is Here!

Spinsters! I know I said I'd post something about the coloring book in June, but I couldn't possibly wait one more day. This past week, I received my copy of The Spinsterhood Diaries Summer 2015 Coloring Book, and I'm very excited!

Above you'll see what the cover of the new coloring book looks like. I decided on an ombre sort of scribble. Inside, you'll find coloring pages you've seen here on The Spinsterhood Diaries along with quite a few brand new ones you've never seen! The illustrations are a mix of graphic and hand-drawn, so there's a bunch of variety. And, in this one, not every image is a drawing of my face. I thought you might like a little more variety in that sense as well. There are even a few pages featuring Miranda.

If you find yourself in dire need of a coloring book for this summer, you can click this link to purchase one from OR, if you happen to live in Sumter, SC, I've sent a limited number of copies to Jill Jones Monograms, and you can purchase them from her, too. At $5.78, I think they're a pretty good bargain. However, if you're purchasing online, I highly recommend you search for a free shipping coupon, because that's where they get you.

If you missed out on the last coloring book, you're in luck! You can still get a copy if you click this link to get it on I hope I'll be making more coloring books in the future. I think they're lots of fun.

Have a happy and restful Sunday!

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