#FAFATL: I'm Back!

When things got busy at work, I had to lay off the Free Art Friday (#FAFATL) business for a little while. However, I had a little time to make some brand new magnets this week, and I'll be posting them around Atlanta today.

On the left, we have a lavender magnet with a pink cat who is wearing gold sunglasses with lavender lenses. I took this photo last night, but I have since seen fit to add glitter. You know...because it's generally necessary for living.

On the right is a white cat with a gold nose and a gold outline on a pinky-red background decorated with a sort of web of triangles.

If you fancy a little free cat art and are in the Atlanta area (or you just want to see pictures of Miranda the cutest puppy in the world), you can follow my Instagram: @Jonezee85.

If you want to see what everyone else is dropping around town (not, like, groceries, keys, and cell phones - I mean art), you can search the hashtag #FAFATL on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Happy Friday and happy hunting!

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