#FAFATL: I'm posting this from my old computer

Well, Spinsters, last night my Macbook Pro went crazy beyond the point where Apple Care could help me over the phone. Say a little prayer for my computer, guys. We have an appointment at the Mac Genius Bar tomorrow after work. So, as the title informed you, I'm typing this on a computer that somehow seems vintage, even though it's only seven years old. I purchased this baby in 2008, and the internet has informed me that its Operating System is no longer compatible with the browser...so much so that I can't even download a new browser. Sigh. This was a good computer, though. It was my first Mac.

Now, let's talk about Free Art Friday. Above you'll see the three little cat magnets I'll be posting around Atlanta today. As always, you can follow me on Instagram (@Jonezee85) for clues about where I've dropped each one. I'm willing to bet one of them will end up very near the Mac Genius Bar.

The bright side of this? While I was on hold waiting for assistance, I cut, filed, and painted my nails. They're glittery now...because that's how this Spinster rolls.

Happy Friday, and if you're in the Atlanta area, happy #FAFATL hunting!

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