#FAFATL: June 19, 2015

Yippee for Friday! If you've been enjoying the Photoshoppery, don't worry! I've got a few more up my sleeve. If you are already sick of it, then here's a little breather for you. I'll also have another breather for you tomorrow. Then...more photoshop! 

Today, as you know, is Free Art Friday (#FAFATL), and above you'll see my three magnets for today. The top two have some delicious glitter action, and the bottom one is just a lovely pastel pistachio green. 

As always, if you're living in the Atlanta Area, you can follow me on Instagram @Jonezee85 to see where I'm posting these babies around town. I usually try to do one in the morning, one around lunch, and then one maybe a little closer to dinner time. If you happen to find one of my little magnets (as far as I know, there are still two lurking around the city from last week), then don't forget to comment on the Instagram post that it's been claimed! 

Happy Friday, and Happy Hunting!

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