#FAFATL: The Last One in June!

I don't know about you, Spinsters, but I'm having a hard time believing June is already almost over. Today, in fact, is the last Friday in June, and so it is the last Free Art Friday in this month. 

Above you'll see the three little magnets I'v made for today. If you live in the Atlanta area and are up for a scavenger hunt, you can follow my Spinstergram @Jonezee85. I believe one of my drops from last week is still lurking

If you check the Instagram before I post any magnets today, you'll have the strange experience of seeing Miranda during her 3AM trip to the Vet this morning. She wouldn't stop throwing up during the night, so they had to give her some fluid under her skin. She looked like a baby buffalo or the cutest hunchback you've ever seen

Enjoy your Friday! 

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