Obsession Confession: The My Idol App

You guys. If you're obsessed with YouTube dermatology, then you may follow Dr. Sandra Lee on Instagram. Yesterday, she posted a video of herself from the app, where she was doing a little kung fu.

So, when you're using the App, you just take a photo of your face, and then the app does the rest. As you can see, I left my glasses on, s you can kind of see them under the ones I chose from the wardrobe library once I was inside. They also don't have a hair color that's really between blonde and brown, so I had to choose this one.

In the app, you can take still photos of your new 3-dimensional avatar, or you can actually get an animated short. Of course I did both. Behold! Below I've added the video for your enjoyment.

Now that you've seen this, I think you should go and download this app right now. It was free when I got it yesterday, so I'm hoping it still is when you read this.


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