Sunday, June 14, 2015

Photoshoppery: Liam Payne


After a brief break from the photoshoppery for a look at my Free Art Friday offerings and some incredible visions of Niall Horan, I'm back with more ridiculous imagery for fans of One Direction and Photoshop alike. Today's subject: Liam Payne. 

I don't really know much about Liam Payne, but he looks the most manly of all the One Directioners, so I've given him the manliest outfit I could think of to start this post. Obviously a Spedo is the way to go. 

Just because Liam has lots of fans doesn't mean he can't fanboy a little bit, too. But watch out, this one might peek at you. (See what I did there?)

Liam may not be the king of the One Directioners, but he decided to have a rather regal portrait made of himself anyway. They tried to tell him to make less of a goofy face, but what did they expect? He's in a boy band. His two facial modes are goofy and cute.

Here Liam shows his feminine side while till appearing somehow very masculine. I'm not even sure how he does it.

Last of all, we have Liam's brooding Glamour Shot. Again, hes' stricken a nice balance between the masculine and the feminine. Go, Liam! Get it!

Ok, check back tomorrow for more ridiculous photoshoppery. Until then, Enjoy your weekend!