Photoshoppery: My Very Own "Botched"

Image Via PonyStep
I'm currently completely up to date on the episodes available of Botched, leaving me hungry for more reconstructive surgery. So, I decided I needed to do a little of my own. Don't worry. As you can see above, I didn't perform any surgery on myself. So let's talk about what she's had done here.

To the left is a photo of Amanda Lepore. This is actually one of the more flattering photos of her plastic surgery. You can get a better look at her "everyday look" here. As you can see, there's very little about this woman that is natural, so today I just decided to help her out a little. I gave her a breast reduction so she looks a little bit more natural. Then, I enlarged her nose so that it looks a tiny bit less like a nose job. Then, I gave her a lip reduction so that she doesn't look like he's all mouth. I didn't mess with the eyes because you could arguably get the look she has here using makeup.

Let's move on to our next victim.
Image on the left via NY Daily News

Anyone who's a fan of crazy plastic surgery has likely heard of Jocelyn Wildenstein. She's crazy rich, and she's had all the plastic surgeries. She wanted to look like a cat. Check out this before and after of her pre-plastic surgery and now. She was beautiful before. She even kind of looked like Chloe Sevigny. Anyway, this is one of my less-successful examples of photoshoppery, but I think you get the idea. I had to do a lot of smoothing. I reshaped her jaw, removed chin implants, reduced her lips, and gave her a little bit of lower lid on the eye. I don't even know if that's possible with plastic surgery, but I did it. I feel like something should be done about those eyebrows, but is there such a thing as a brow lift reversal? Wondering shouldn't have stopped me. Despite the fact that she's kind of blurry, I think she looks much better on the right. 

Next Patient: Big Ang. 
Image on the left via PopSugar

I was over at my neighbor, Allie's house one day, when I saw Big Ang for the first time. I didn't even know what to do. She's one of the women on VH1's Mob Wives, and she really lives up to her name. She's a big lady. From what I can tell, she's had a nose job, a lip job, and a breast augmentation. So, On the right, I just reversed all of that. I think I made her look a little crazy, but this woman is a little off kilter. 

Up Next: Vicki Gunvalson

Image on the left via Huffington Post

If you like the Real Housewives series, then Vicki Gunvalson might be familiar to you. I've only watched The Real Housewives of Orange County a couple of times in passing, but every time I just think, "that woman looks like a whole lotta plastic surgery." On the left is the before picture, and I do not know why she chose that lip color. I'm also not sure why someone would choose to make their lower lip look so much larger than their top lip. So, on the right, I've made a few small adjustments, and I think she looks much nicer. I've removed what I think is a chin implant, brought her lips back to what I think is their natural size, changed her ip color, smoothed out her skin, and removed some lines around the mouth that I think came from one of her surgeries. 

And Lastly: Rajee Narinesingh

Image on the left via US Weekly

This was someone who was actually on Botched, and I had such high hopes for her face. Unfortunately the Doctors thought there was too much risk to removing the industrial grade silicone from her face. So, I decided I'd give her the makeover she needed and just smooth everything out. It's very obviously photoshopped, but it makes me feel so much better.

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Happy Wednesday!

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