Spinspiration: Nursery Duty

pink-nursery, pink-nursery-toys, pink-baby-toys
This morning I left poor Miranda's side for a couple of hours so I could go to Church and do my nursery duty. I held babies, was used as a toilet briefly, and told two little girls a story in which they were a dinosaur queen and princess. All in a day's work at the nursery.

I was lazy yesterday and didn't make any new artwork for today's post, so I decided I'd take a little inspiration from my surroundings in the Nursery while I was cleaning up the mess we'd made. Perhaps if you're making a mood board this week, you can take some inspiration (or spinspiration...whichever you choose.)

The first image is of a bunch of pink toys. Starting from the top left corner: A spiky rubber ball, a wooden train car, a "smart phone" which looks suspiciously like a phone I once had that didn't even have caller ID, some car keys, and a plastic cup.

pink-blue-and-purple, fuchsia

Above is an image of where a child painted outside of the lines on the easel. Whoever this child is, I like their color sense. 

children-toys, children's-toys, plastic-cups

Lastly I have a little still life of one of the cubby holes where the toys are kept. It's got some of the plastic dinnerware as well as the ball, and a basket full of plastic and rubber "foods."

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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