Spinster Food: Fried Eggs on Toast

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As a Spinster, sometimes it's hard to think of things to eat that didn't come from the freezer or from a delivery guy. Making an entire meal for just one person and then eating it for what seems like forever can sometimes feel like a lot of work for somewhat of an undesirable outcome. To Avoid eating cereal and spaghetti all the time, though, I have to think of other single-serving options. Enter the eggs. 

In New York, my life was fairly brunch-intensive. That means, there were lots of different kinds of eggs. Believe it or not, I ate my first fried egg in New York, and I continued to eat them in all sorts of dishes until I moved down here. Life in Atlanta is significantly less brunch-centric, and I found myself missing the eggs. At 29, however, I was shocked to realize I'd never actually fried my own egg. This had to be remedied.

Like any good person of my age, I watched some YouTube videos to learn how it's done. Martha Stewart's website is the one that taught me how to hard boil eggs, and they always turn out great, so taking to the internet for more cooking advice was the most logical step.

The first few times I fried my eggs, they turned out "over hard." My ideal fried egg is over medium, and I must admit I'm still working on it. The spinster meal I concocted, however, was quite to my liking: two fried eggs, one piece of multigrain toast, and a bit of Tapatio on the side. It's a spinster's delight. 

I'm still working on my fried egg skills (for one thing, sometimes the yolks seem to cook at different rates??), but this is quickly becoming a staple in my diet. It may seem like a bachelor meal, and it probably is, but it's pretty darn good.

Pro tip: If you find your self out of Tapatio, I've also tried the fried egg with toast and a little lump of chicken salad. It was excellent.

Happy Tuesday, and Happy spinstering!

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