Audible Spinstering: The Girl On The Train

For months my coworker Aly has been telling me I should read Paula Hawkins's The Girl On The Train. had been making the same suggestion, so finally, I purchased the audiobook and set to listening. 

Paula Hawkins's writing is easy to follow, and unlike many other books on tape, I didn't lose my focus while I listened. The book is narrated by three different voice actresses, allowing the reader to differentiate easily between characters. This is an important factor as three of the main characters are women around the same age. 

This murder mystery centers around two men and three women, and unlike most murder mysteries, I had no idea who committed the crime until the very end of the book. With all the Law and Order I've watched in my life, that's really saying something. I'll attribute some of this to the way the plot jumps back and forth in time and from character to character. The rest I'll just go ahead and give to Hawkins for writing a really good mystery. 

So, if you're looking for some good summer reading, I say pick up a copy of The Girl On The Train. I think you'll like it. 

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