#FAFATL: A Roller Skate and A Leftover

Friday! Of course this means it's Free Art Friday. Last week I had three magnets, and I only posted two. So, I'm being lazy and using the leftover one form last week as one of this week's magnets. Sorry not sorry. It's been a long week. 

However, the new magnet for this week is a roller skate  with some really amazing glitter in the background. It reminds me of the skating rink we used to go to when I was little. It was called Skate Galaxy, and I'm fairly sure it's no longer in existence. I once saw a woman's earlobe ripped in half there by the weight of her earring. Just in case you wanted to know that. 

Keep an eye out on Instagram for the hashtag #FAFATL. If you want to see where I drop these two magnets, you can always follow my Instagram: @Jonezee85.

Happy Friday! 

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