Miranda is the Best and the Cutest

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm obsessed with my dog. I love her. She's the best dog ever and also the cutest ever. She's also the sweetest. So, today you should color her. Because that would be the best, sweetest, cutest coloring page. 

Now, of course I'm biased. She's my dog, and I love her. (side note: when I typed that, I accidentally wrote "I love Cher." That made me laugh a little.) In case you need some supporting evidence, though, I've got a precious story for you from this weekend.

I'm turning thirty in less than a month. As such, of course it's time for me to purchase my first pair of roller skates since childhood. So, after some research, I purchased a pair of vintage quadline roller skates from Play It Again Sports for $25. Roller blades are cool now in a sort of ironic way, but I really wanted the OG roller skates. 

Armed (or legged?) with my new skates, I decided I should take Miranda for a walk. This was not such a good idea. For one thing, roller skating outside of a skating rink at any age past, say, 12, is a hazard to your health. Parking lots aren't equipped with rubber floors. For another, Miranda was scared of the roller skates. 

I managed to stay upright for about ten minutes, and then the inevitable happened. I rolled right into the curb and promptly lost my balance. 

Now, I can't remember the last time I fell all the way down. I think it was when I fell running early in the Morning in New York. Alas, I am a little old and a lot fatter than when that happened, and boy, could I feel it. Once I was on the ground, I decided it would be best if I stayed there for a little while, mustering the strength to unlace my skates. 

Miranda, seeing what had happened, came to the rescue, putting her two front paws on my arm and keeping guard until I was able to right myself. She also contributed a few kisses to my cheek. 

I'm writing this post from the parking lot pavement as we speak, where Miranda has been keeping a constant vigil until I'm able to stand once again. No, just kidding! We finished our walk, and I thankfully have no broken bones. Miranda, though, has come out of this experience more loved than ever before. Because she is the best.

Now color her!

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