Spinstergram: Miranda and some Tomato Aspic

If you follow my Instagram (or Spinstergram as I like to call it), then you've seen both of the images in today's post. However, I love Miranda so much, I had to share this photo. She is so cute I could just eat her. In this photo, I was laying on the couch, and she just felt the need to check out what I was doing. She put her little chin up there, and I died from cuteness. 

Now for something a little less adorable. 

My mom is in town for the America's Mart, and on Sunday night, we went to dinner. I'd seen The Colonnade Restaurant on Cheshire Bridge Road here in Atlanta, and I'd always been curious, so we decided to check it out.

The Colonnade is perfectly retro on the outside, and on the inside, the clientele is...pretty vintage as well. Seeing as this is a southern food/American restaurant, I took that as a good sign. 

Mom and I waited about 20 minutes for a table, and while we waited, we checked out the menu. The fare was much like the now-closed Cole's Restaurant in Sumter, SC, with things like fried chicken, macaroni, mashed potatoes, collard greens, pears and cheese, and an assortment of pies as well. 

Mom saw an item on the menu she knew she wanted: Tomato Aspic. Her aunt, she said, used to make the best Tomato Aspic. Of course I had never heard of this delicacy, so mom explained it to me. It's basically vegetable jello with a tomato base. Yep. That's a thing, you guys. I had no idea.

Our waitress brought the Aspic with the green salad Mom had ordered, and she let me try it. Generally, I consider myself to have quite a broad palette. However, on the grounds of texture alone, I believe I will decline to taste this concoction again. 

The rest of our meal at The Colonnade Restaurant was delightful, especially the rolls and the macaroni and cheese. We ate too much to try the pies, but next time I'll be sure to save room. I give this place two thumbs up, even though they serve a weird jello. It was like a taste of my childhood. 

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